The ArchAngel Raphael

The Institutes Raphael Division focuses upon creative strategies to recognize, affirm and memorialize the victims of Americas war against her future, as well as the sacrifices of those advancing Christian chivalry. (The greatest of these is love...)

The Mission and Vision Statement of the Raphael Division of the ArchAngel Institute

A rebirth of Christian chivalry advancing the Culture of Life by encouraging Christians to cherish faith, family and freedom.

Work of the ArchAngel Raphael Division in 2010-11

  • Adopted family with eight kids for remodeling help, adding air conditioning, saving family garage from collapse, repairing broken windows, pruning trees, resolving venting issues, diagnosing transportation problems and coordinating the donation of a $3000 backyard playset for the kids.
  • Continued remodeling of the former abortion clinic, focused on the second floor.
  • Supported Personhood Amendments.
  • Celebrated our Forefathers Christian worldviews
  • Titanic anniversary event, complete with ceremonial brandy, period music and readings about that fateful journey.
  • Memorializing a Christian Activist fallen in battle.
  • Memorializing the fallen Pagan Activist who brought abortion to Fort Wayne. And here.
  • Seeking to understand Northern Indianas abortionist, Ulrich George Klopfer.
  • Memorializing the Forts Mama Grizzlies in action.
  • Maintenance of the former abortuary, including windows displaying sacred art honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.