The ArchAngel Gabriel

ArchAngel Gabriel Division – Communication

The historic teaching on the nature of the ArchAngel Gabriel moves the Institute to focus upon mass media and internet based strategies to promote the historic and authentic teachings of the Christian church in the face of the contemporary rejection of the same.

The Mission and Vision Statement of the Gabriel Division of the ArchAngel Institute

A rebirth of Christian chivalry advancing the Culture of Life by emboldening Christians to promote family, faith, and freedom.

ArchAngel Gabriel Division projects in 2010 2011

  • Demographic Winter showings all summer, 2010
  • Manhattan Declaration Symposium, Allen County Public Library, after January March for Life.
  • Classes on Natural Law, Constitutional Law and the foundations of American Order
  • Book Study at Institute on Catholicism Rediscovered, a book highly recommended by the new Bishop, Kevin Rhoades.
  • Ongoing posts at this website demonstrating a robust Christian worldview and dissent.
  • Celebrating the Natural Law as key to our national recovery.
  • Outreach at local park during Rock the Plaza events, including literature distribution.