Mission Statement and Vision

The ArchAngel Institute, Inc. was founded in the State of Indiana on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 as a non-profit corporation that was granted tax-exempt status by the federal government. See below the filing with the State to create this artificial person. On September 29, 2012 (the Feast of the Holy ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael), The Board of the ArchAngel Institute determined that the Institute had met its goals (see jump cite for goals at corporation) and thus voted to end this artificial life.

The Vision and Mission of the ArchAngel Institute

A rebirth of Christian chivalry that advances the Culture of Life by encouraging, empowering and emboldening Christians to cherish, defend and advance faith, family and freedom.

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What the ArchAngel Institute means by “Christian Chivalry”
The Broad-Stone of Honour (authored by Kenelm Henry Digby in 1822) helped re-image chivalry in a challenging post-Revolutionary (but pre-modern) age. That influential work offered the following definition: Chivalry is only a name for that general spirit or state of mind which disposes men to heroic actions, and keeps them conversant with all that is beautiful and sublime in the intellectual and moral world. Notice the crucial balance: right thoughts and honorable actions.Lord Alfred Tennyson, in Idylls of the King (1872), reduced the definition to these four simple instructions:

Live pure,
speak true,
right wrong,
follow Christ the King.

Please note that the first and last address the right thoughts about life, the second and third address honorable actions.

The line that Tennyson penned after these four attributes is of great interest:

“Else, wherefore born?”

POSTSCRIPT The ArchAngel Institute will ceased all operations on September 29, 2012. This mission statement was truncated in May, 2012 to reflect the then-coming death of the nonprofit corporation.

An example of solidarity from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

The first time I met with Fred Everett (pictured) in his official capacity as one of Bishop John DArcys right hand men (Bishop Kevin Rhoades has promoted Fred even higher, and ended the practice of job sharing with his wife, giving each a unique title and accruements that attend to title) Fred he shook my hand and called me a man for all seasons. That was before Indianas Supreme Court sent me to the Hoosier parallel to the Tower of London. Fred Everett did write this letter given the glaring nature of my case and the perceived need to speak to issues of religious freedom as I awaited my fate from the towers cell. I thank Fred for taking such a courageous stand.